Peace full Spaces Set in front of the Giritale lake….!

A contemporary masterpiece, Agbo hotel adorns itself with all the luxuries of a modern hotel in Giritale.Sri Lankan heritage coupled with the magnificence of our natural surroundings will relax you in 16 luxuries rooms. Each room also features a private balcony from which you can witness ancient Giritale lake and mountain views that we call home.

Our Deluxe Rooms are the most intimate, yet generously spacious at the same time. Each of the 16 Deluxe Rooms on our premises feature a modern architecture and equipped with latest facilities including free Wi-Fi to stay connected, a mini-bar to indulge in refreshments, a television with satellite channels to keep you entertained, and more.

Sri Lankan hospitality looks forward to welcoming you into our Agbo family with signature luxuries that will make your stay a memorable one.